Areas of Practice

Combined, we have decades of experience working with out clients in Aboriginal law assisting Indigenous peoples achieve change. We are retained by First Nations to provide principled and strategic advice, protecting and advancing their Nations. 

We have worked on a long list of matters for Indigenous Peoples in Governance, Litigation, advancing Jurisdiction and Protecting Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Working in Aboriginal law and providing creative and innovative solutions is important to us – it is the foundation of our culture and values.

Grounded in our work with Indigenous Peoples for the past decades and their experiences, history, values, traditions and perspectives, we are dedicated to working with First Nations: creating efficient and effective Governance Structures, agreements and laws, conducting Litigation to protect Jurisdiction and rights, advancing the resolution of historical claims, and removing and compensating for the injustices and barriers of colonialism in Canada.

We understand above all else our clients expect discretion, competence and timely, thorough and accurate advice on Aboriginal law in their dealings with other governments and advancing their Nations.