About the Firm


Photo by Steve McDougall, Photographer, Garden Hill First Nation.

Our Mission and Vision

Working with First Nations governments towards their goals in Governance, Litigation, advancing Jurisdiction, and Protecting Aboriginal and Treaty rights for justice, self-determination, empowerment and prosperity. We are committed and passionate about providing current, practical and reasoned advice to Indigenous peoples in the area of Aboriginal law.

Our Office:

Jerch Law is located in an historic house on Treaty One Territory near the Manitoba legislature in downtown Winnipeg. This historic house was built in 1893, just 22 years after Treaty 1. Downtown Winnipeg is Treaty One land, dealt with in the Selkirk Treaty in the 1800s and later in the numbered Treaties. And long, long before the construction of the current Manitoba legislature where colonial government legislates for the Province of Manitoba.

Easily accessible with parking, meeting rooms, and a professional and welcoming atmosphere we have modern workspaces utilizing the latest technology and work space design.