Areas of Practice

Indigenous Peoples’ Citizenship and Indian Act registration and Appeals

Jerch Law represents and assists Indigenous Peoples and Nations with respect to Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Rights over citizenship, the complexity of Indian Act Registration and Appeals, and restrictions and violations of membership rights.

Cree Chief, Mistahimaskwa (‘Big Bear’) c1825-1888. Arrested by the Crown for his involvement in the North West Rebellion of 1885.

We work with individuals and Communities to advise and assert their membership Rights in accordance with the traditions of their Indigenous Nations. We draft laws, work with Elders and Communities, advise our clients regarding recent Court judgments and represent our clients in Court.

Our work includes advising and representing clients with respect to:

  • Indian Act registration and reinstatement;
  • Entitlements to registration;
  • Membership and citizenship codes;
  • Aboriginal Rights of Indigenous Nations to self-define;
  • Treaty Rights and the Indian Act registration system.