Areas of Practice

Finance and taxation

We advise clients regarding various aspects of taxation including exemptions under the Income Tax Act, the Indian Act and the Excise Tax Act, property taxation under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act and taxation by-laws under the Indian Act.

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Our work includes:

  • Applying and interpreting the Excise Tax Act and band empowered entities;
  • Property taxation under the First Nations finance and tax authorities;
  • Corporate and employee taxation and the Indian Act;
  • Employee taxation for registered Indian employees, the connecting factors test under section 87 of the Indian Act;
  • The Canada Revenue Agency 4-point income tax exemption guidelines for registered Indian employees;
  • Indigenous Nations’ property and point of sale tax exemptions;
  • Tax exemptions and Treaty;
  • Corporations and economic development related taxation issues under section 149(1)(l) of the Income Tax Act relating to municipal exemptions;