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Tamara Reimer

Tamara joined Jerch Law as an Articling Student-at-Law in June 2016 and anticipates being called to the bar in June 2017. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law in 2016. Prior to beginning law school Tamara received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba with a major in Biology and a minor in Classical Studies.

Tamara has a passion for protecting the environment and environmental law – and is what brought her to law school and to discover a passion for advocacy for Indigenous peoples and “Aboriginal law”. This led Tamara to concentrate her studies on Environmental law and Indigenous law with a focus on the constitutional right to a healthy environment.

Tamara comes to Jerch Law with exceptional academic qualifications and a long list of academic prizes that is a great part of her ability to make drive through almost any complex legal problem or corporate structure - not to mention an extremely positive approach to making change through the law.

Tamara was the recipient of the Pitblado Scholarship after her second year of law, the Jack Rice Memorial Prize for the highest standing in Administrative law, the Oscar Wilder Memorial Prize for the highest standing in Environmental law, and the D.A. Thompson Q.C. Prizes in Law for the highest standing in Civil Procedure. Tamara graduated law school second in her class, receiving the Pauline & Samuel Zinman Prize, as well as the Law Society Prize for second highest standing in third year. Tamara is among the brightest stars the firm has had, coming to the firm just shy of a 4.0 grade point average in law school.

In May of 2016, Tamara loves travel and witnessed first hand the rich traditions and beliefs of the Māori peoples, and could not resist working to seek justice in Canada for Indigenous peoples. Tamara is an avid reader and an all round positive sort of person we want to have around.

Tamara Reimer

Tamara Reimer


Tamara Reimer

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